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Stare Security Solutions

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV surveillance can provide visible and effective deterrent against all types of crimes including burglary. Security camera systems are now available at prices that meet the needs of all users and budgets.

  • Burglar alarms to protect bank, office , homes, flats and apartments.
  • Security alarms for commercial premises and protection by using latest technology for Safety and security.
  • Built in digital communicator and voice dialer to inform system status.
  • Central monitoring station and system owner at all time.
  • Commercial alarm panels from Honeywell, Menvier & Texecom.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Fingerprint Based Time and Attendance cum Access Control System with Card is more reliable than other identification methods. Fingerprint is the most widely used method of biometric authentication. Fingerprint recognition is based on features found in the impressions made by unique ridges and valleys on the surface of a human's fingertips.

Access control systems for offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and more.

Multi identification mode which includes - ingerprint, password, RFID card and mechanical key or any combination.

Stare Security Solutions provides simple and cost effective access control solutions to the needs of small or large business and public organization.

Remote Gate

Remote gate systems provide security and convenience to homeowners who wish to control or restrict access to their property.

Remote gates can be operated from within the comfort of your car or home. Our experienced designers can incorporate remote gate into your existing system or design a new total perimeter security solution. Our Remote gate incorporate the latest technology, and we can help you select the best choice for your home and family.

PA system

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system with a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, used to allow a person to address a large public, for example for announcements of movements at large and noisy air and rail terminals or at a sports stadium.

Security/Intruder Alarm

A security/intruder alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion - unauthorized entry - into a building or area. Security alarms are used in residential, commercial, industrial, and military properties for protection against burglary (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders.

Video Door-Phone

Video door-phone is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage calls made at the entrance to a building (residential complex, detached family home, workplace, etc.) with access controlled by audiovisual communication between the inside and outside. The main feature of video door entry is that it enables the person indoors to identify the visitor and, if (and only if) they wish, engage in conversation and/or open the door to allow access to the person calling.